Uncork an Adventure: the MU blog


Let’s have fun with wine! This blog will be about wine itself, including but not limited to Martin Ulisse wine, and also the fun/ funny things that seem to spontaneously happen when wine is around.

This is the amazing thing about wine- when you open a bottle of it, an ordinary occasion somehow changes into an extraordinary one. Opening wine, unlike opening, say, a bottle of beer, means that a party is about to happen. One person opening a beer for himself is different than when wine is uncorked- the nature of the bottle itself begs to be shared and usually means that friends or family members are about to share a meal and time together.

Wine has been drunk for thousands of years, and can be counted as one of the world’s oldest sensual pleasures. It’s also a dynamic experience- what we drink and where it comes from is forever growing and changing.

Let’s experience it together! We’ll talk about silly things (how about a list of all the reasons why a wine sippy cup would come in handy?), serious things (how do I know when my wine has gone bad?), interesting things (that new varietal from Portugal is amazing!)

The only thing I can promise is that we’re going on an adventure, and I want you to come along for the ride!